Thermal Pool Covers

At Sunbather, our Thermal Pool Covers are a cut above the rest with superior heat retention abilities, longer lasting, and more aesthetically pleasing. We understand that swimming pool covers are at times considered ugly, and that’s why we manufacture Thermal Covers, as throwing bubble wrap on your pool just doesn’t cut it.


  • Is your new swimming pool heated with a gas heater or heat pump? If it is, then a pool cover is now mandatory.
  • An uncovered heated pool can lose TWICE it’s entire volume of water every year.
  • A Thermal Cover saves 90% of this water.
  • It is up to twice as effective at retaining your pool heat than alternative covers.


  • Thermal Covers last longer than other pool covers.
  • They don’t breakdown overtime.
  • They require less maintenance then other pool covers.
  • They don’t need to be covered when in the sun.
  • They keep your pool cleaner as debris and sunlight are kept out of the pool, reducing algae growth.
  • As your pool is warmer and cleaner, less chemicals are required.


  • A Thermal Cover is made from a high quality multi-layered, foam-based material.
  • It is purpose made for indoor & outdoor pools.
  • Thermal Covers are used on Domestic & Commercial Swimming Pools all over Australia. Even the Australian Institute of Sport.
  • It will pay for itself in under 2 years.
  • It proudly carries the Smart Approved WaterMark.
  • Sunbather Thermal Pool Covers are Climate Care Certified.

Thermal Swimming Pool Cover vs Bubble Cover

  1. A Thermal Cover is expected to last 3 times longer than a bubble cover, without the need to cover when not on the water to retain your warranty.
  2. A Thermal Cover is better suited to strong UV than bubble covers, as the sun doesn’t destroy it when not covered while off the pool.
  3. Algae is a plant and requires sunlight to grow. A Thermal Cover is the only cover which blocks out the sunlight, keeping algae at bay, hence reducing your chemical usage.
  4. A pool can lose up to 10 degrees overnight if uncovered. Thermal Covers have twice the insulating properties of bubble covers and save you $ in heating costs.

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