Sunbather Generates Huge Savings in Geraldton – WA

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Sunbather generates huge savings in Geraldton – WA

Mid 2013, the City of Greater Geraldton issued a tender for the supply and installation of pool covers as their heating bills were spiralling, and they needed a practical and safe solution for one person to operate their pool covers.  The project had pre-approved funding allocated and had to achieve the following:

    • Substantially reduce gas heating bills and air heating bills
    • Reduce evaporation to save heat, as well as reduce building maintenance
    • Provide a safe and automated system for their staff to operate. The covers had to be wall mounted, and remote control.

This type of specialist project is right up Sunbather’s alley, and we were successful with our tender application following a detailed site visit and presentation of projected savings exceeding $28,000 per year, along with 1,284 tonnes of Greenhouse Gas savings. The project received funding from the Department of Resources, as part of the Community Energy Efficiency Programme (CEEP).The design and installation was a challenge, however Sunbather’s 40 years of experience made it a seamless process for the client and they were highly satisfied with the results.To see how much Sunbather can guarantee to save your pool and receive our free Energy Audit, contact 1800 228 437, or

Pool Heating Method

Air Heat costs over

12 months

Pool Heat costs over 12 months

Total running costs over 12 months

Projected Savings:

12 months

Hydrotherapy Pool:Gas Only:  Covers Off





Hydrotherapy Pool:Gas Only: Covers On





Multi-Purpose Pool:Gas Only:  Covers Off





Multi-Purpose Pool:Gas Only: Covers On






Pool Heating Method

GHG Usage:

12 months

GHG Savings:

 12 months

Hydrotherapy Pool:Gas Only:  No Covers

1,721 tonnes


Hydrotherapy Pool Gas & Covers when closed

1,311 tonnes

410 tonnes

Multi-Purpose PoolGas Only

3,353 tonnes


Multi Purpose Pool Gas & Covers when closed

2,479 tonnes

874 tonnes