Flexible Strip Solar Pool Heating

Best looking under the sun

  • Solar should blend in with your roof.
  • Sunbather has more industry awards for design, appearance, and flexibility than any other solar.
  • Preferred by architects and designers.
  • There is no better looking solar system than Sunbather.

Unique Flat Loop Solar

  • Solar strips with large end loops are unsightly.
  • Sunbather developed the first “Flat Loop”.
  • In 2004 it won a Gold medal for its innovation.
  • Flat Loop is for the customer who wants better looking solar at a fractionally higher price.
  • Sunbather’s Flat Loop is the only welded loop.
  • There are no joins and therefore no leaks.

Ultimate Flexibility

  • Electric Solar Panels, Skylights, Air Cons, Flues, and Hot Water panels all take up roof space.
  • Sunbather solar strip is the most flexible available.
  • It can be built around any roof obstacle, and installed across multiple roof sections.
  • It has holes in the webbing to allow light through where it’s installed over clear roof sections.

Melbourne made

  • For over 45 years, Sunbather has manufactured their unique HiPEC solar pool heating in Melbourne.
  • HiPEC is tougher, lighter, and delivers higher thermal response than alternatives.
  • Despite competition from cheap imports, Sunbather continues to produce higher quality solar systems.
  • Built to survive the Australian sun it generates local jobs and supports local communities.

Science never lies

  • Sunbather & CSIRO created the 6 tube solar.
  • It combines optimum tube diameter, spacing, and thickness to deliver a higher thermal heat transfer.
  • Decades of testing and thousands of commercial installations prove HiPEC 6 tube strips are best.
  • It consistently outperforms panel systems.
  • The Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra selected Sunbather to heat their pool.

Engineered Manifolds

  • Sunbather Kwik Lok turned the weakest point in a solar system into the strongest.
  • Engineers took 2 years to design & test the Kwik Lok manifold until its flexible and modular design could be applied to all roof shapes.
  • Made from tough ABS plastic, it has the highest UV rating possible and is the easiest to install.

Total Flow Control

  • Correctly sizing solar systems is complicated.
  • Pumps, pressures, flowrates, and hydraulics must all be considered and finely balanced.
  • Sunbather’s unique Solar Sizing App was created to calculate the maximum heating efficiency.
  • Sunbather is widely known as the leading advisor to trade and commercial clients.

Solar won’t burn your money

  • Solar pool heating is the only form of responsible pool heating.
  • Gas & electricity costs will continue to increase.
  • The suns energy will be free forever.
  • Sunbather’s unique Pool Heating App accurately determines the best heating options for your pool.
  • It also advises on pool covers.
  • So don’t burn large holes in your pocket to heat your swimming pool.

Automatic Set & Forget

  • You need a great control system for your solar to work at maximum efficiency.
  • Sunbather Sunswitch is a multi-award winner.
  • It is simple in design and high in performance.
  • It is available with both sensor cables and wireless options for simple installation.
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Colour Options

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Slate Grey

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