Sunbather Rollers

MultiPro Roller

  • Multipro Roller is an entry-level roller suitable for average sized swimming pools (<45m²).
  • Features wide, stable, power-coated aluminium end-frames with two large hand-wheels and a telescopic roller shaft for easy installation.
  • Easy to freight and assemble for the DIY installer.

Stainless Platinum Roller

  • The new Platinum Roller is Sunbathers most popular. Made from 316 Stainless, it has multidirectional castors and drop pins to secure the roller when in use.
  • The 114mm diameter shaft is built for strength & durability.
  • Suitable for pools up to 60sqm.

114SS Stainless Steel Roller

  • For larger domestic pools, the 114 Roller has a strong, one-piece shaft (114mm diameter).
  • The 114 Roller is easy to manoeuvre.
  • Triangular stainless steel end-frames have 2 large wheels at one end and non-slip rubber stoppers on the other.
  • Removable crank handle is stainless steel.

114SS with Wheels

  • The 114SS-W is for those who want the best.
  • The 114mm diameter one piece tube with commercial grade stainless steel.
  • T end-frames ensure the user the longest lasting and easiest to use roller in the manual range.
  • The very best in mobile rollers, this 114SS-W is commonly used on small commercial pools.

DownUnder in-ground

  • The Downunder roller is a Gold award winning roller.
  • Self-contained 114 roller enclosed in a PVC tube.
  • Designed for below pool deck installations.
  • Suitable for paved areas
  • All components are high grade stainless steel.
  • Downunder is a must for proud pool owners.
  • Operation is from the standing position.

DownUnder in-deck/pit

  • The Downunder roller is a Gold award winning roller.
  • Hinged lid and roller combination
  • Designed for concrete/timber pits or being suspended below decking.
  • It hides your pool cover underground – out of sight and out of the way.
  • Operation is from the standing position.

114 Seat Roller

  • The Sunbather Seat Roller is new to our range & is for customers wanting to disguise the pool cover and have the benefit of a seat at the end of the pool.  This strong 114mm shaft & HDPE endframe is perfect for pools up to 50sqm in size and up to 5m wide.
  • The seat comes in a Standard Anodised Aluminium (Timber colour shown and extra cost).

114 Wall Mounted Roller

  • When space is limited, this wall mounted roller can be mounted on the back of a pool wall or retaining wall.
  • Made from 316 stainless, this roller will literally last decades.
  • It can even be automated for ultimate ease.

150 Auto Roller – Ground

  • The 150 AR is an electrically approved 240v Mains powered 150mm diameter roller.
  • 100 x 100mm stainless steel square end supports are permanently fixed to the pool coping.
  • Hand held forward/reverse remote is included.
  • This roller can also be wall mounted if site conditions require.

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