Pool Covers and Rollers

Thermal Pool Covers

  • Looking for a better solution than Bubble Covers?
  • Need a pool cover that gives you all the energy, chemical and water saving benefits, but looks good and last up to 5 times longer?
  • A thermal pool cover is your solution.
  • Suitable for indoor/outdoor pools of most shapes and sizes, a thermal cover is fast becoming the preferred choice for covers.
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DownUnder hidden covers

  • Everyone knows the benefits of a pool cover.
  • But some don’t want to look at, or work around the roller on their pool deck.
  • The DownUnder range lives below ground, out of sight and out of the way.
  • It won GOLD and was the SPASA 2014 “Product of the Year”.
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Kids on slat cover

Automatic Security Covers

  • Sunbather offer the ultimate in pool safety, cover automation, and stylish looks in the unique Foam Filled CVX slat cover system.
  • A Sunbather CVX cover opens and closes at the turn of a key.
  • It keeps heat in and leaves, pets, and children out giving you absolute peace of mind with your swimming pool.
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  • Sunbather Pool Rollers are made in Australia with only the highest quality materials capable of withstanding harsh pool environments.
  • The range extends from entry level mobile rollers to a fully automated remote controlled underground or wall mounted rollers.
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Winter Covers

  • A Sunbather winter cover keeps leaves and debris, along with straying pets out of your pool.
  • Install it at the end of summer, and remove it at the end of winter!
  • It can reduce your filtration hours to save hundreds on winter running costs and chemicals.
  • Starting at $1,000, a Sunbather Winter Cover is a sound investment for anyone who doesn’t enjoy pool maintenance.
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Wall Mounted Grey Pool Covers


  • Sunbather Commercial Pool Roller range is Australia’s most popular option.
  • From a small manual systems to a large, multi-cover, wall mounted remote operated systems.
  • Watch a Commercial Roller in action.
  • Sunbather has covered hundreds of commercial pools around Australia and the ROI on each is achieved in approximately 18 months!
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