Rigid Solar Pool Heating Panels

The Suntube Advantage

  • Suntube panels are precision injection moulded.
  • The high grade formulated polymer was selected for outstanding heat transfer and durability.
  • Seamless one piece construction eliminates welds.
  • Thick tough tubes resist bird and wildlife attack.
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Simple modular design

  • Suntube Panels are 600mm wide
  • Available in 1.4m / 2.9m / 3.4m / 3.9m lengths.
  • Will suit most roof shapes.
  • Modular design and threaded connections make them the easiest panel to install,
  • There are no inferior rubber hose clamps to perish under the Australian sun.

Suntube Guarantee

  • Suntube is covered by Sunbather’s industry leading customer protection warranty.
  • Its 15 year warranty ensures will continue to heat your pool much longer than inferior panel options.
  • Just another reason why Sunbather is the most trusted name in solar.


  • Correctly sizing solar systems is complicated.
  • Pumps, pressures, flowrates, and hydraulics must all be considered and finely balanced.
  • Sunbather’s unique Solar Sizing App was created to calculate the maximum heating efficiency.
  • Sunbather is widely known as the leading advisor to trade and commercial clients.


  • Solar is the only form of responsible pool heating.
  • Gas & electricity costs will continue to increase.
  • The suns energy will be free forever.
  • Sunbather’s unique Pool Heating App accurately determines the best heating options for your pool.
  • It also advises on pool covers.
  • So don’t burn large holes in your pocket to heat your swimming pool.


  • You need a great control system for your solar to work at maximum efficiency.
  • Sunbather Sunswitch is a multi-award winner.
  • It is simple in design and high in performance.
  • It is available with both sensor cables and wireless options for simple installation.

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