Makes a real difference to swimming or not swimming…

September 18, 2013 by in category Testimonials tagged as with 0 and 0

Hi Anthony,

Just thought I’d let you know how our extra solar/new pool blanket is going. We’re really pleased with it and have noticed it’s at least giving us about 4 degrees extra which makes a real difference to swimming or not swimming. We’ve been comfortably using the pool for about 2 months. Some friends haven’t started using their pool yet as it’s been too cold.
The temps have been easily reaching 30 degrees (that’s what we have it set at the moment) and we’ll start to turn it lower soon. Even last week when it was very overcast with rain about, we were able to use the pool and the temps were in the high 20s.  We’ve also noticed the blanket is cutting evaporation and our pool chemical use has been less.

Lisa – QLD