Just wanted to let you know how impressed we were…

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Hi Anthony,

Following the installation of our pool solar heating I just wanted to let you know how impressed we were with your product and installer.

Compared to the original set up we had installed 4 1/2 years your system and installation is far superior I so many ways and comes without the high price

tag asked by others in the industry. Just to name a few noticeable differences:-

1. The manifold – tubing fitted and locked on to barbs with clamps. Previous

matting cut and glued to manifold.

2. main supply and return piping strapped to mounting trays. domain archive . Previous system

strapped to roof.

3. Tubing separated for better solar absorption and roof adhesion. –

Previous system – tubs moulded together limiting solar gain.

4. Installation – Just to do the roof and connect to original piping with

30sqm took Luke 9hrs and he did an absolutely thorough job. Previous install

took 4 hours and that was a complete system. Clearly many corners cut on the

original installation.

To date we are noticing some great temperature gains in the pool and that is even prior to warmer temperatures expected throughout Spring and summer.

Clearly Sunbather is a professional organisation which supplies truly high quality product with is backed up by a superb installation team.

I would happily recommend your services to anyone looking to install solar to their pool.

Well done Anthony, Luke and your office staff. Keep up the great work.


Robert Mogg, Victoria Point QLD 28/08/2013