Honesty, integrity and dedication

May 26, 2020 by in category Testimonials with 0 and 0

Josh Kaiser has, as the Victorian Sales Manger, been my initial and primary contact with Sunbather.It has been his honesty, integrity and dedication to my project which has seen my initial and ongoing business as well as my recommendations to others regarding the virtues and cultural integrity of this organisation. When it comes to pool heating and efficiency, even when presented with opposing views, he is like a dog with a bone and will not rest until he gets his most valuable and well resourced message through. I got the impression that he’d rather loose a sale than sell a product that was not appropriate for purpose. A most unusual attitude within the building industry in my view.Additionally, a motorised pool cover, which was my motivation for my contact with Sunbather in the first place, has just had the mechanical elements installed, and just as was my experience with Josh, installers, Mick and Kevin, were equally inspiring and only too eager to help to improve, as they were able, the end result ,through their thoughts and effort. Having worked for a number of very large organisations within Australia of varying cultures, it is abundantly clear to me that the culture within Sunbather is most healthy and one that the consumer can rely on. Well done Sunbather, it does not happen by chance.

Gary, Eaglemont VIC