Heat Pumps and Gas Pool Heating

Sunbather is a National Dealer of the Rheem Gas Heating & Heat Pump Range.   Just like Sunbather products, Rheem is made & tested right here in Australia to suit our conditions.

ACCENT HEAT PUMPS simply draw energy from the air and transfer that to your pool water using an electrical compressor, used to extend your season beyond the normal 6-8 month solar swimming season.  So naturally heat pumps work better in warmer climates and are generally not suitable to the cooler states of Australia.

RAYPAK GAS HEATING is primarily used for heating domestic spas and commercial swimming pools due to its reliability of heating in all weather conditions.  Coupled with a solar heater and a pool cover, Gas Pool Heating will give you a great year round heating package in the cooler states of Australia.

Ensure you consult Sunbather to get the right advice on which pool heating package is best for you.  We can easily work with your pool builder in terms of design & recommended solutions.


  • The Accent range has a market leading efficiency rating tested in Australian conditions.
  • Ranging from 5.8kW to 32kW outputs.
  • Suitable for Pools & Spas delivering up to 6.3 COP’s
  • Over Temperature control & marine grade construction.
  • Strong Titanium Heat Exchanger, De-Ice function, and anti corrosion evaporator will definitely outlast the cheap import alternatives.
  • Optional “Tariff Optimising” intelligent controller to help reduce your energy bills


  • Tough Stainless Steel & Powder Coated construction
  • Suitable for Pools & Spas
  • 110 MJ to 420MJ Outputs
  • Child Lock Function
  • Manufactured in Australia to suit our conditions
  • Bronze Headers (On Premium Range)
  • Superfast heat up times, to get you in your pool or spa sooner.
  • BCA laws state that you must install a pool cover or solar in conjunction with a Gas Heater to reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Can be installed indoors or outdoors.


  • Sunbather are the Australian experts in Pool Heating. We understand that it can be confusing for many clients to really know what the best solution is for your pool… Solar, Gas, Heat Pump, Pool Covers, or a combination?
  • Let us visit your home to use our Award winning Energy Audit App to give you the absolute facts on pool heating and how much it will cost you.
  • With Sunbathers range of pool heating and heat conservation products, you can trust us as the industry leader to find the most economical and eco-friendly solution available.

Because Gas Heaters & Heat Pumps rely on fossil fuels, the BCA regulations state that a Pool Cover or Solar Heater must be installed in conjunction with Gas or Heat Pump to reduce your carbon footprint… and more importantly, keep your energy bills down! Talk to Sunbather about the right combination for you.

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