Downunder Rollers

More and more pool owners are hiding their pool covers underground using Sunbathers Downunder range. Everyone knows how great pool covers are for saving water and energy, however they don’t want to look at them. The Downunder range is easy to use for one person and is operated from a stand up position.

Underground & Out of Sight

  • Downunder hides the roller mechanism in a cavity at one end of the pool covered by a lid.
  • The cover also hides there when it’s not in use.
  • It is operated from a standing position.
  • The lid closes flush with the pool deck when the cover is fully retracted and also when it’s fully extended out over the pool.
  • Downunder will save water, energy and money.
  • It can pay for itself.

Pool Covers are Mandatory

  • Governments want to save water and energy so pool covers are now mandatory on pools heated by gas or electricity.
  • If you heat your pool with anything but solar, and you don’t have a pool cover, it will cost you a fortune and your pool will not be compliant.

Gold Award Winning

  • Sunbather is Australia’s most awarded Solar and Covers company.
  • Downunder added to that list by taking out the Gold award at the VIC SPASA 2014 awards, and Bronze at the SPASA National Awards of excellence for product innovation.
  • It’s a credit to the design team at Sunbather, and a benefit to Customers who can now simply and economically hide their cover underground.

Colour Options

Standard Silver Lid

Sandstone Lid

Dark Timber Lid

Light Timber Lid

Travertine Lid

*Colour may vary due to computer screen colour settings

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