The complete solution to limited roof space

  • When roof space is limited, you can still have Photovoltaic electricity panels on your roof and heat your pool with solar by installing the patented CoolPV electric plus water heating system.
  • Two systems – one footprint!
  • 2019 National Product of the Year – SPASA Awards of Excellence

Simple Idea… Extraordinary technology

  • The top layer is an array of high efficiency PV cells that generate electricity¬†for use in your home – or fed back into the grid or stored in a battery when you have a surplus.
  • Directly behind that array is a pool water heat exchanger made up of hundreds of tiny tubes. A pump pushes pool water through these tubes gathering up all the wasted heat from the PV cells and delivering it back to the pool.

The systems are complimentary so both benefit

  • Overheating is a major problem for PV panels, but CoolPV converts it into a major benefit.
  • By running cool pool water behind the cells to draw off that heat, CoolPV cells are up to 20% more efficient than other PV cells. At the same time, that heat warms the pool.
  • In the end, CoolPV achieves four times more energy per square metre of roof space.

It comes with a proud solar pool heating heritage

  • Fafco USA have been a leader in solar pool heating since 1969 and are responsible for a number of significant innovations.
  • Fafco has been responsible for more than 20 US patents.
  • To produce CoolPV they not only drew on their own deep understanding of solar and pool hydraulics, they worked in collaboration with the US Navy and the National Renewable Energy lab to conceive and bring CoolPV to life.
CoolPV Brochure

CoolPV Brochure
Download here

  • Download our brochure for detailed information on CoolPV

practical innovation plus superior build quality

  • The Quick Union is an incredibly strong coupling with multiple seals.
  • It bonds the panels together so securely they become one.
  • And it does it with a quick and simple click and twist action.
  • That makes connecting a large number of panels quick, easy and totally reliable without any fear of leaks, distortion or deterioration.

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