As seen on THE BLOCK 2021

October 22, 2021 by in category News with 0 and 0

Following on from a successful season on The Block 2020, we are back again in 2021!

Once again, all 5 houses on The Block featured a swimming pool in their backyard. As per the National Construction Code, each pool required a pool cover to save energy and water. A Sunbather 4mm (4000 Micron) Thermal Pool Cover and Downunder Roller System was the perfect match for these beautifully designed backyards. These pool cover systems needed to:

  • retain heat
  • save water
  • save energy
  • complement the stylish surrounds
  • preserve the limited space around the pool
  • be made from high-quality materials and
  • be easy to use

Sunbathers Downunder and Thermal Covers ticked all these boxes and are proudly Australian made!

Working closely with the landscapers and pool builders from each house, the installation was a smooth process and will leave the new owners with a sustainable and warm pool, and a pool cover system that is out of sight and out of the way!

Images courtesy of Channel Nine and David Cook Photography