• Solar Pool Heating is the most popular form of pool heating in Australia.
  • It’s the most responsible way to heat your pool
  • And also the cheapest!
  • The suns energy is free forever.
  • Sunbather offers Flexible Strip Solar Heating or Rigid Solar Panels for all sized pools.
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  • Every heated pool needs a pool cover.
  • It locks in heat, saves water, energy.
  • It can add months to your swim season.
  • In some states a pool cover is law.
  • Sunbather specialises in Thermal Pool Covers suitable for indoor & outdoor pools year round.
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  • Sunbathers latest award winning product is catching the eye of architects and pool owners nationally.
  • We all know the benefits of pool covers, but many users don’t want to look at them.
  • Sunbather has Australia’s leading Underground Pool cover called the “DownUnder”.
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  • Sunbather saves commercial swimming pool centres around the country millions of dollars in energy bills and millions of litres of water.
  • We are Australia’s leader in commercial swimming pool heating and pool covers, with thousands of customised systems installed in our 40 years of operation.
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  • It generates up to 4 times the energy output from the same area of roof space.
  • It’s up to 20% more efficient at generating electricity than un-cooled PV systems.
  • It can even pay its way by selling surplus energy back to the grid.
  • It’s exceptionally well constructed and an attractive addition to any roof.
  • Governments support PV installations with STC rebates in most locations.
  • Patented COOLPV is the new benchmark in environmental responsibility.
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  • Sunbather is a National Dealer of Rheem Pool Heating offering a large range of both Domestic & Commercial Heat Pumps and Gas Heaters to extend your swim season as a secondary heat source to solar.
  • Contact Sunbather for a free onsite pool heating energy audit using our award winning App.
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Why Solar

Solar Pool Heating can double your swimming season, and in some states you can swim all year.  Solar costs as little as $90 per year to run making it the only affordable option as energy costs rise.  Solar pool heating has almost a zero carbon footprint too, warming your pool, not the planet.

Solar Pool Heating Warranty – 15 Years!
Typical Gas Heater Warranty – 5 years
Typical Heat Pump Warranty 3 – 10 years

Why Covers

Evaporation on uncovered swimming pools can equal the pools entire volume of water each year.  A swimming pool cover will save this water, and ensure you get the maximum from your pool heating. Cut your pool heating costs by up to 2/3 and payback your investment in as little as 18 months.

Why Sunbather

Sunbather is Australia’s largest and oldest solar pool heating and pool cover company.  We are also the most awarded company in our field for our innovative products and exceptional customer service. Proudly an Australian owned company and family operated since 1974.  More…

What our customers  have to say

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