E5 – Energy Saving Mode

Do you have E5 displayed on your controller? Don’t panic, its meant to be there and it’s saving you energy! When your controller hits the ‘Set Temp’, it goes into Energy Saving (E5), and is on standby for 2.5 hours. After the 2.5 hour period, your controller will turn on briefly and test to see if the pool is still at your desired temperature. If not, it will continue running. It’s all part of the award winning smarts built into the Sunswitch.

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    a) “ES” alternating with a 2 Digit pool temp number in the screen means that “ENERGY SAVING” Mode has been initiated. That is the unit has reached the desired set temperature and will not test run the pump again for 2.5 hrs.
    b) It is always a good idea to start with a higher than normal Set Temp e.g. 30C + while you are commissioning the unit as you do not want it to go into “ES” while commissioning.
    c) If the unit shows “ES” on initial start up. PRESS the TEMP SET button and set the pool temp to a higher temp. The “ES” will disappear from the screen.
    If this is happening too often, it means your controller is reaching the set temperature too often so to stop it happening so often you can simply raise the set temperature once the unit has completed its 2.5hr lock out period.
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Double Your Summer

Double Your Summer

Solar pool heating will double your summer, which means more time in your pool with family and friends, allowing you to swim in comfort in Spring and Autumn.  In northern states, it can mean year round swimming and can even be run in reverse in the hottest months to cool the pool over night.. Sunbather’s set and forget style solar systems mean you can relax and have your pool temp taken care of, making early morning swims a delight and late night pool parties or quiet family BBQs an added bonus.read more →

Almost zero Carbon Footprint!

 The sun’s energy is free… Forever! The above graph compares the running costs of heating a pool with solar, gas, and a heat pump to 28 degrees for 6 months of the year (no pool cover).  Clearly solar is the only form of responsible pool heating.  read more →

Best return on your money

Not only are the running costs of solar a fraction of alternative pool heaters, but the initial cost to purchase solar is less.  Solar cost is a one off investment which will last you over 20 years and there are no hidden costs such as running new gas lines. An average Melbourne swimming pool can cost up to $8000 a year using energy hungry gas or heat  pump pool heaters, with a Sunbather Solar system & pool cover we can extend your swimming season for as little as $80 a year.read more →

   Featured Products

automatic safety pool covers
automatic safety pool covers
Swimming pool covers are the best energy saving device you can install in your home. That’s why Sunbather developed the automatic safety pool cover range to accommodate most pool types, save water, save energy, and save lives.
Thermal Pool Covers
Thermal Pool Covers
Our Thermal Pool covers are a cut above the rest with superior heat retention abilities
Rigid Suntube Solar Panels
Rigid Suntube Solar Panels
Suntube Panels are a rigid black panel that have been used for decades around the world for pool heating.
Sunswitch Solar Controllers
Sunswitch Solar Controllers
If you’re not happy with your pool temperature, chances are that your solar controller is not working properly.

Our Vision:

After 40 years of operation, we know a lot about solar pool heating and pool covers.  We aim to improve people’s lives, health and well being by delivering innovative, automated, and energy saving products to keep pools warmer and safer.  We seek to design and manufacture products that “Collect & Conserve” precious energy and are built to a standard, not a price.

We care about the important things:

At Sunbather we are Australia’s largest supplier of solar pool heating and pool covers to the pool industry, and that says a lot about our service. Whether we are heating a small backyard pool, or a 50m Olympic pool, its our goal to exceed customer expectations every time.
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Your Heating Bills
Time and time again we meet pool owners who say the running costs are too high and they were not informed about running costs.  Sunbather strives to educate customers about pool running costs aiming for sustainability and energy conservation… saving you money.
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Making Great Product
Sunbather have always made the best products in the industry. Our products are manufactured in Australia and we are deeply passionate about supporting the local economy and jobs. We are the only solar company who is capable of manufacturing our products in house and delivering them to your pool.